Yellow Tape Entertainment

Yellow Tape Entertainment was founded by Cutt Throat & Sayne to develop a entertainment company that was about raw talent, realism, and serious lyrical content bringing back that hardcore east coast Hip Hop, mixed with realistic song concepts, and true stories from the perception of someone that was raised in the urban environment, they both were personally exposed to growing up in and around Baltimore City. The name “Yellow Tape Entertainment” was selected because it described the hardcore gangsta rap and street mentality produced by Cutt Throat & Sayne in their music.. The music is not a hobby it is something we live. Having a criminal record and limited academic education, music was basically the only outlet for us that would not likely end with a prison sentence or a funeral. Yellow Tape Entertainment is the foundation of the rugged, raw, and real genre of Hip Hop many of us miss so much. Cutt Throat & Sayne have recorded their debut album under their own management on Yellow Tape Entertainment in collaboration with iBOT Records dropping in 2012. Also the hardcore hip hop duo has begun shooting videos under the direction of Seann Ikon and Yellow Tape Ent., marketing and promoting while the streets anticipate the release of their website, album, and new music videos. Lastly, Cutt Throat & Sayne have already began recording first mixture together "The Microphone Graveyard" dropping in 2013. Yellow Tape Ent. is a movement that doesn't plan on stopping until the  the casket drops.