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On Site Service / Repair
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AleXavior On Site Service / Repair
Use this item to pay for your scheduled service after you have spoken to your service manager.
(For Baltimore area.  Extended areas may require a trip fee. ) 
01:00 hr   ($65.00  each additional hr)  
Assessment Includes:
1. Discuss customer’s video/audio issues (Flat Panel, Home Theater, Outdoor 
Speakers, Universal Remote, etc)
2. Determine TV and components types and sizes and compatibility.
3. Determine if additioan equipment / parts are required to repair the problem. 
4. Make repairs or configuration corrections.
• Items that may be connected to TV include (3) components (VCR, DVD, DVR, Game Systems, Audio 
receiver and Speakers, Amplifier, CD player, Audio tape deck.
• Labor to perform these installations is not defined by a set timeframe but it is expected that the 
installation will include all necessary time to unpack, set-up, clean and educate the customer on all items 
involved with the new home theater system.
• Home Theater Installations as described and priced, includes a single room that:
Have adequate access to standard frame walls.
Price: 75.00 USD
Quantity in stock: Unlimited
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