Basic Flat Panel TV

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Inspect box for external damage and/or evidence of mishandling.  Some products have a tip meter to ensure it has remained upright during transportation.  If product shows signs of physical damage or mishandling call the Support Center for store escalation with Home Delivery. Complete pre-installation survey upon arrival at company.  Use manufacturer provided templates to confirm wall placement and to mark studs. Secure customer purchased or manufacturers provided mounting brackets to (standard frame or masonry) wall or assemble optional support stand. Mount and secure Flat Panel Display screen. Connect system to current power supply. Include up to 125 feet of RG-6 coaxial cable and install F-type wall plate. Single room connection of current and new components, as allowable by the system source capacity. Options include the following:  Directly connect the display to an E-box or external tuner source.  Additionally connect the external tuner source to audio/video equipment. Number of connections based on maximum capacity of external tuner source input capabilities. Directly connect the display to an existing receiver. Number of connections based on maximum capacity of receiver input capabilities.   Cable management on all system components. Demonstrate features and train on basic system operation. Review completed installation and obtain written customer satisfaction check-off.
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