Deluxe Flat Panel TV

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Inspect box for external damage and/or evidence of mishandling.  Some products have a tip meter to ensure it has remained upright during transportation.  If product shows signs of physical damage or mishandling call the Support Center for store escalation with Home Delivery. Complete pre-installation survey upon arrival at the company.  Location of TV must be in accordance with manufacture’s specifications. Provide material for installation such as up to 125 ft. of RG6 coaxial cable and connectors.  This would include weatherproof connectors if the connection were exposed to the outside. Routing of RG6 or equivalent coaxial cable through 1 exterior wall or penetration to the TV location.  Connecting coaxial cable into an existing grounded TV signal source. Properly and securely install customer provided TV bracket to wall or above fireplace using mounting hardware included by the manufacture. Wire concealment as it relates to the Flat Panel TV. Connect TV to existing AC power receptacle.  If the electrical outlet needs to be moved it will be the responsibility of the customer to seek professional installation by a licensed professional. Cable management. Customer education on the operation of the TV and changing channels.  This may also include performing some programming features such as setting the TV for a cable or air signal and a channel memory scan. Review completed installation and obtain written customer satisfaction check off. Answer the customers’ questions regarding the nature of the installation to ensure complete satisfaction.   Possible Additional Charges If the installation requires additional work or material beyond what the purchased package includes, the installer will provide an estimate prior to performing installation.  Examples include: Coaxial runs longer than 125 ft. Locations that involve inadequate access to wall in which coaxial cable is to be hidden (no attic or basement access to the wall or an external wall with insulation-vapor barrier-fire stops or other obstructions).
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