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Complete pre-installation survey upon arrival at company.   Unpack equipment (bracket and projector) and prepare installation location. Determine location of video source (Cable/Satellite signal) and concealed cable routing from source to projector bracket location. With customer, determine bracket mounting location and height. Note that the mounting location should take into consideration the proximity of electrical requirements of the projector to be mounted onto the secured bracket. The projector must be at least 5 feet from the projection screen. The distance from the lens of the projector to the screen and the zoom setting determine the size of the projected image. Customer may need to contract a licensed electrician if no power receptacle is located in the area of the installation. (At customer’s expense). Projector installations will be in compliance with local and state building and electrical codes. Use manufacturer provided template or actual bracket base mount to confirm wall placement and to mark studs. Secure customer purchased mounting bracket to (standard frame or rafter). Position the ceiling mount base box against the ceiling surface at the desired projector mounting location. Mark the location of the four mounting holes to be drilled in the ceiling. Install the Ceiling Mount Base Box on the Ceiling using hardware appropriate for the purpose. It is imperative that the manufactures mounting instructions be followed as this is an overhead bracket. Failure to install properly could result in damage to projector or injury to individuals. Attach the Mounting Bracket to the projector. Ensure that all necessary cables to the projector pass from the ceiling and through the hole in the center of the ceiling mount base box. Loosely fasten the quick release sleeves to the projector. Hang the Projector on the Ceiling. Ensure that the front of the projector matches the front side of the ceiling mount base box. Adjust the rear of the projector up or down to attain the desired projection angle. Installation includes the mounting of customer provided screen to wall or screen stand. Installation includes wire concealment of projector cables threw ceiling and walls.          Possible Additional Charges If the installation requires additional work or material beyond what the purchased package includes, the installer will provide an estimate prior to performing installation. S-Video or VGA cables. Commercial installations, the installer will provide an estimate prior to performing installation. Rooms larger than 20’x20’. Wall fishes greater than 10 feet  Locations that involve inadequate access to wall in which wire is to be hidden (for example, no attic or basement access to the wall where is to be hidden, or wire is to be hidden is an external wall that contains insulation, vapor barrier, fire stop or other obstructions).
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