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Why do you need Security maintenance?
The short answer is “Simply”
Unfortunately, security breaches happen all the time.  That’s why the cyber security field is growing so rapidly.  The key is to plug the holes as quickly as possible so that the breaches are not exploited by multiple hackers. 
The reason we can perform updates as cheaply as we can is because as an ongoing commitment you, we have maintained a secure database of your website's credentials.  This of course benefits you firstly be keeping the costs down but also makes our service far more responsive than using development companies or freelancers.
If we did not create your website design you will need to register with us before proceeding.  Once  you have registered for a maintenance we will ask you to provided your Hosting and CMS logins, these are kept encrypted on our servers, this information is only accessible to our developers to decrypt for the duration of an active job. This means that your job can be handled by the first available developer – no need to wait for someone to get around to it or get back from sick leave.
The Update Process
Step 1 - Email update to
Step 2 - First available developer carries out the update
Step 3 - Update is reviewed by our QA Staff against your requirement
Step 4 - You are notified the job is complete
It’s that Simple
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